Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rosie's mailing address

It is coming up on the Christmas season and I wanted to give you Rosie's address so that it would be handy if you were inclined to send her something. I know that she would love to get cards or whatever from people back home.

The best address to use for mailing anything to her is:

Hermana Rosemary Julia Baratta Romero
Mision El Salvador San Salvador Este
Apartado Postal #3362
San Salvador, El Salvador
Centro America


Saturday, November 22, 2014

11-17-14 We need love, not likes.

To my dear family
and friends (or whoever reads these letters!)

What a great week! We learned a lot in our zone conference Friday, and stake conference Saturday/Sunday. It was incredible. An area 70 [regional leader] came to visit because they reorganized the stake presidency. His name is Elder Alonso. He was an incredible speaker. After the Saturday session and the Sunday session in which he spoke, we came home saying that we felt like we needed to repent right that very moment.

Favorite line, which he said about social media: "We need love, not likes." It made me realize that the computer is a big waste of time and that it's more important talking face to face with people (and talking to those we love that are distant).

I wanted to share an analogy I heard a few months ago. There was a man, that God commanded to go to a mountain and push a huge rock with all his might. This rock was so big that he couldn't make it budge. Every morning, bright and early, he set out to push the rock and didn't go home until the sun set. After a few months of such labors, the man began to complain saying, "Why did you send me to push this rock? I'm never going to move it!" God responded, "I didn't send you to move the rock, only to push it with all your might."

What the man gained wasn't moving the rock, it was the strength he gained in struggling with all his might. We have so much to gain in striving to achieve hard and even impossible tasks. For me the mission has been a hard experience. Actually, I think if you ask anyone, it's hard. (One investigator put it this way: If it were easy, everyone would do it). But it has been an experience of incredible growth. I am grateful for every moment of it, even the hard ones.

Like my companion said to me this week, we wanted more faith, so we were given more trials. Every experience, bad or good, happy or disappointing, work together in God's great plan for our benefit. May you be granted the perspective to recognize how you can learn and grow in every moment and may we all be guided on the path of happiness and eternal salvation.

Love you all!
Hermana Romero (Baratta)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11-10-14 It sure is fun writing home in a cyber

...because they're always playing reggaeton or American music. Either way it's distracting! But it's all good, we're back to having an hour plus of computer time so I can't complain here. :)

This week hmm was pretty special. Haha that's what my companion and I say to each other when the people reject us and/or aren't in their homes. It's pretty hard to teach the Gospel and find people that want to repent and be baptized if you don't have anyone to teach. But in spite of the work being pretty special (I feel like I'm just gtting a little taste of what missionary work is like in the States), we've found some incredible new investigators this week.

-we spent like 3 hours trying to contact people, and we couldn't find ANYONE to teach. So we just kept knocking doors etc. in faith, and one misdirection led us to a super awesome lady who had had member neighbors before but had never listened to missionaries. Turns out she's been passing for trials in her life and really needs the Gospel in her life. Then we went to look for another reference, and in the path found another family. I love being a missionary because I see sooo many little miracles like this. I've really been learning to be more grateful.
-Idalia, who accepted a baptismal date in the first lesson, and told us that she'd had a lot of problems in her life but now was looking to put everything in order and to have a closer relationship with God. The next day, we visited her again, and she said she was already seeing the blessings in her life.

Other good news: we had an excellent meeting with the bishop, stake president and several other leaders of the ward this week. We read D&C 109:22* together and talked about the importance of everyone working hard and doing what corresponds to them. The stake president gave a comparison of a bunch of doesn't matter how much energy you put into the system, if they're not lined up right, it's never going to run well. I love this because, sometimes I just want to work super hard, but it's important to work effectively and as a team. I think these ideas are going to help the ward a lot.

Today we made baleadas, a Hondurenean dish SO GOOD they taste like Indian naan. I think I've pretty much mastered it to bring home and make for yall.

Wow this letter is really long. And I forgot to include a funny story (there's always a ton of those. Here's a short one: We showed up early for a lesson appointment, and the investigator said, "Ustedes quieren ir al cielo ya" ("You want to go to heaven already").)

Hermana Romero

*v. 22 And we ask thee, Holy Father, that thy servants may go forth from this house armed with thy power, and that thy name may be upon them, and thy glory be round about them, and thine angelshave charge over them;

Monday, November 3, 2014

11-3-14 Back in Monte Cristo

Dear fam sauce

Sooo we had transfers this week, and I returned to my second area! Well, not exactly. I'm in the same ward, but working the other half of the area because the ward is divided between two companionships of sisters. It's a bit like Belmont (in the sense that the people here are pretty well off and there's a lot of "all set" Catholics), but in spite of that, we've been able to find people that are willing to listen to our message. And hopefully, as we work with the members, we'll be able to help them come to church and to the waters of baptism.

I'm with Hermana O, from Honduras. She is so awesome - a hard worker, really focused, hilarious, really converted and obedient (I love obedient companions. They are the best, because we can just focus on the work and not on the rules!). God knows exactly where we need to be and with whom.

My trainer, Hermana I just finished her mission this past week. She's from Pennsylvania, so I'll be able to see her after the mission. Yay!

I don't have anything else super huge to share this week. Much love to all!
Hermana Romero

Photos: Hermanas from my zone (the zone with the most hermanas in the mission. Soo excited!)

Hermana Romero with her trainer - Hermana I
who just went home to Pennsylvania last week

Hermana Romero with her new companion,
Hermana O

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10-27-14 Happy Halloween!

Did you know that in Central America they don't celebrate Halloween because of superstitions about witches? Last year, the little primary kids dressed up in costumes for the ward activity of the week and some lady got really offended, saying "What kind of Christians are you that you celebrate this pagan holiday?" Oops... Good thing she doesn't live in the States!

It's been such a good week. I feel like every week has challenges, but this week, I just feel grateful for all our blessings. We're always working on finding prepared people and not wasting time on people that aren't ready to accept the Gospel/who don't want to change their lives/who don't want to investigate. There's a reason we use the word "investigators" when talking about the people we teach...because those that really want to find out for themselves (aka investigate the church) are those that we want to focus on. And this past week, we've found a lot of such people.

Another blessing. We're always struggling to help investigators come to church, and this week was no exception. But as we left the house, in spite of the fact, that we only had one confirmed to go to church, I felt an assurance that there would be more. Imagine my surprise when we passed by the house of our investigator, and she wasn't even there! But the Lord works in many ways, and it turns out, one of her neighbors, who we had invited earlier in the week, was in that very moment getting ready to go to church with us! We went and knocked on his door, and there he was, ready to go! (in the end, the investigator ended up going to church with her member all worked out well!)

Yesterday, I had a wonderful spiritual experience during the sacrament. This past general conference, there was a focus on how we can better take advantage of this weekly ordinance, and I love an experience Cheryl A Esplin shared about a woman who tried to do a self-evaluation every week during the sacrament: that, by focusing on her sins and repenting, "she began to feel gloomy and pessimistic. She could see that she was making the same errors over and over again, week to week. But then she had a distinct impression that she was neglecting a big part of the Atonement—Christ’s enabling power. She was forgetting all the times the Savior helped her be who she needed to be and serve beyond her own capacity."

I know that Jesus' Atonement has allowed me to "find strength beyond [my] own" (Hymn 220). I have felt this many times this week. God loves us so much that he gives us experiences that will help us grow, and he has also given us the Atonement so that when we ask for help, it is abundantly given us. May we all in this week use this marvelous gift. Let's not, as I sometimes have done, get bogged down in our own errors or feelings of inadequacy, but rather remember that weak things can be made strong through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Have a wonderful week! I love you all!
Hermana Romero

10-20-14 Earthquake!

Hey family!

Mom and Dad have probably already informed you but we had a mild earthquake (7.4) here in El Salvador last Monday. I went and stood in a doorframe because that was the only earthquake safety I could remember in the moment (although now I know that you're supposed to leave the house), and nothing was damaged or severely affected.

As far as missionary work, in some ways it was sort of a bummer week (we had a couple days of finding people that weren't super positive, and only one investigator showed up to church!)...but it's been helping me trust in God more, that He'll help us recognize where to go and who to teach and what to say. I've been asking myself every day, what I can do better, and then trying to do that.

And the other good thing is I've been learning to recognize the little blessings and miracles of every day! Yesterday, we were able to find two families that said if they recieve an answer they'll be baptized. Saturday, in spite of having to cancel all our plans last minute and run over to the chapel for a baptism, we were able to teach a ton of lessons. Little things like that testify to me that God cares about me, and that this is his work.

Other blessing of the week has been working more effectively with members. I wrote to my mission president this week about how many wonderful people we've found that want to know the Gospel, and how we two missionaries can't do all the work alone...we've got to work with the members! There's always been some challenges with that in this ward, but in my personal prayers and scripture study, I feel like I've been coming to some conclusions about what specifically we can do. What a great blessing personal revelation is! Sometimes it's hard to believe that God worries about what we worry about and that we're capable of recieving advice from him, but I know that it's possible every day of our lives. And I know that letting God take the wheel (metaphorically speaking) means we'll be able to make better choices that we'd make without him.

Love you all to bits and pieces!
Hermana Romero

10-13-14 Definitely the best baptism - Melissa

Dear family!

This week, Melissa got baptized! Thanks to the mercies of God, everything turned out well. She had planned her baptism for 11 in the morning, and despite our best efforts to invite ward members and investigators, no one, and I mean, NO ONE could come! Only her neighbor who was going to baptize her, the neighbor's girlfriend, and Melissa's two brothers.

Melissa and her two brothers, with neighbor [white clothes] & Elder
We were praying so hard that people could come and support her and help her feel welcome, because four people is a pretty sad baptismal service.

Through several small miracles (another ward had young women activities in the morning and stayed for the baptism, some other missionaries showed up, the youth of our ward were in a seminary activity and their teacher gave them permission to stay for a few minutes), we were able to fill up all the chairs and fill up a little memory book with testimonies and congratulations from those present. It was definitely the best baptism I've attended in my time in this ward. I love that God answers prayers (even if it's not the way we expect).

On another note, I think the thing I love most about being a missionary is helping people understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I was thinking about this yesterday in Sacrament favorite hymn says "In the quiet heart is hidden sorrows that the eye can't see". I think we all have wounds or sorrows or worries in our hearts that we probably don't tell anyone about. I have seen people who have suffered a LOT in their lives, and I have seen that the love of Jesus Christ heals their souls. In spite of all the things that frustrate me, I know it's worth it when I see other people change their lives for the better. I know that I still have a long way to go personally, but I'm grateful that I've had this chance to learn how much I can depend on God. Matthew 11:28-30. Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek andlowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Until next week, I love you tons, and I'm always hoping/praying the best for you!
Hermana Romero

Monday, October 6, 2014

10-6-14 Where will you be ...?

Dear family!

What an edifying week. We had the chance to attend General Conference and listen to the prophets and apostles of God. Every conference, there are themes that stand out to me. Something I heard testified over and over was that there IS an absolute truth in the world, and that the best way to discover this truth is asking it of God.

I also loved a talk, given in portuguese, about how essential it is that we have a vision of the future consequences of our actions. I have been carefully pondering future decisions I will have to make (regarding career, family, etc.), and it is of great comfort to me that these questions I have are important to God and that He is willing to guide me. What a great blessing, having the most powerful and wise being in the universe willing to listen to our trials, pleas, and requests! He answers us and He will do it in his own time.

The work continues along. We're always working to change small things in the way we teach, in the way we find (especially that we're focusing on and praying to find the prepared people), and the way we work with the members. At some points in my mission, I've become complacent with what I'm doing, or started to think "This is too hard" or "I don't know what more I can do."

But as I have changed this attitude to one of faith, that I can do things differently and better, I've felt specific guidance (through the words of church talks, conference talks, impressions, and scripture study) about what I can change. And with these changes and new ideas have started to come so many miracles. People that come to church or commit to baptism in the first lesson. People that want to find the truth. Members giving us references of their friends and family. It's always work, but it's filled with faith and hope now.

In the end of this letter, I'd like to share a question of introspection that was posed in Conference, that has been really making me think. Where will you be in 20 years if you continue in the course you are currently on? In 50 years? In the eternities? What small changes do you need to make? We aren't here to stay the same. We're here to change and to grow, and if we don't do it ourselves, God will help us (usually by putting trials in our lives).

Have a great week! I love you tons. Your daughter/sister/friend,
Hermana Romero

Sunday, October 5, 2014

9-29-14 Jefferson's Baptism

Dearest family and friends!

It's been another excellent week. We have a couple themes of the mission: looking for people that are prepared and willing to make changes in their lives, and testifying of the temple and how families can be together forever. We've recently started sharing Matthew 16:19 with people in the first lesson (where we teach about the church of Christ in the time of Christ and how it's been restored), and testifying that this is the power to seal families together that has been restored.

We had a super awesome experience with a new investigator just yesterday, where he said that he really wanted to be with his family forever, and we told him he could, through the priesthood power. One of the greatest promises we can make to people. That, and the forgiveness of their sins and mistakes. The Gospel doesn't take away our problems, but it gives us strength during them.

I feel a great happiness in the service of the Lord. We were blessed to see the baptism of Jefferson this week (son of a less active sister that, at the request of the bishop, we've been teaching)

and to visit the temple.

I have had so many experiences with personal revelation this week, looking for answers to personal questions and challenges of my area. I wish I could share all of them with you - How I got my answer, how I felt that God was conscious of every single one of my concerns and challenges! But suffice it to say that I know that God has been listening and answering my prayers. I know that he has given us the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us in the right path.

Have an awesome week! muchismo love,
Hermana Romero

So this little 9 year old just got baptized in our ward, and he and his little cousin and little sister want to be missionaries. Awww. Just wanted to send y'all the cutest photo ever to brighten up your week. :)

9-22-14 Still in Roosevelt! ...with my new companion!

Dear Famsauce!

What a wonderful week as always. I feel like the Lord is helping me change in so many ways that I need to change. I feel happier and more satisfied with my work...and I had a great birthday, thanks to you guys (LOVED the birthday package! I've been repassing the notes from everyone and the photos this whole week), my wonderful new companion Hermana Fuentes, and the wonderful members.

Rundown of the birthday day: we had a missionary meeting, and everyone sang to me afterward. The zone leaders gave me Books of Mormon

and the other elders in my district gave me a machete...

haha just kidding, they only pretended to.

Then we taught a 9 year old boy who is getting baptized next week (his family is less active, and have started coming to church again, and their son is Soo excited to get baptized. He wants to be a missionary and bless the people. Awww so cute!), and his family gave me a cake.

Awww. Hermana Fuentes gave me earrings. Awww. And in the evening, we ordered pizza delivery, my treat. Such a great day!

Pizza and new earrings  - how much better can a birthday get!
Other great news of the week...I got sick and my feet started swelling up. No wait, that's not the good news. The good news is I got a priesthood blessing. I started to feel frustrated because it wasn't working right away, but I realized I needed to have faith in order to be healed. So I said a silent prayer that if it was the Lord's will that I keep walking, that I would accept his will and keep walking, but that if he wanted me to rest, I would go home and rest. Since my companion is new and doesn't know the area, I decided to try to do what I can...and after about an hour of my feet hurting real bad, suddenly the pain went away!

In spite of the pain in my feet, I was grateful to know that Heavenly Father had listened to my prayers and to KNOW for the first time in my life that the Lord really has restored his priesthood power...the same power Jesus had to work miracles. I love to testify of the Restored Gospel and to help people make changes in their lives that allow them to feel the love of God in their lives. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing right now. I hope you all have the chance to feel that your Heavenly Father is pleased with what you're doing.

Hermana Romero

PS If you can please include Brenda's (investigator) daughter Ashley in your prayers. She's been in the hospital for about five days and we haven't heard what's wrong with her and she's only two years old. Thank you for all your love and support. I can feel it from here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9-16-14 Deported! [this came a day late - on Tuesday]

If you're all wondering why I didn't write this week, and why my letter is so short, it's because...I got deported to Panama! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy week. Life is good, and transfers are this week, so we'll see where I am next week.

Hermana Romero

                 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[then about fifteen minutes later:]

Oh and don't worry, it's completely normal. If you don't get your residency visa, you have to leave the country... Since my temporary visa expired about 6 months ago, I had been expecting that something like this might happen. I flew to Panama yesterday, had a two hour tour of the country and then flew back. Today was a normal day of missionary work.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9-8-14 One year of being a missionary!

Dear Family,

A bit crazy and a lot of fun as always in the mission! This week has been soo rainy! But it always rains right before the end of the day, so we can just go home and change instead of having to keep visiting and while being soaked (we have umbrellas...but not that they do much good). The other great news of the week is that we have a cook! She is an investigator and the sister of a member (suggestion of the member because she thinks it will help us gain more confidence with her).

This week, I celebrated one year of being a missionary! Crazy how time flies, right? I wish I could say I have some cool insight or cool experience, but more than anything I've just been working hard to dedicate this time to finding and teaching and helping people change their lives and come unto Christ. This is my purpose as a missionary, and it hasn't changed in my time here...just my understanding and dedication to completing this purpose have increased.

I love you all and wish you a great week!
Hermana Romero

Thursday, September 4, 2014

9-1-14 A woman came to the door ... and screamed!

Dear Family,

Life is really good in Roosevelt. I looove being with Hermana Herrera because she is so obedient and focused, and she is helping me be a better person and missionary. (And we have fun together but maintain the balance of working hard, which I love). With the two of us giving all we've got, I feel like we're seeing a ton of miracles.

For instance, remember how I told you last week about a woman who, in spite of that her sister had been a faithful member for 10 years, had never attended church? Well this week she came! and, even better, she liked it! When I see things like this in the mission, it reminds me that it's not my work, but the Lord's. He prepares people, and we just have to be in the right place in the right time. (See attached...Me, my comanion, two members, and a nonmember).


Funny story: Saturday, we went to contact a reference, and we knocked on the door and shouted a greeting. We were waiting and waiting for someone to answer because they were obviously home, and a woman came to the door...she hadn't heard us knock, so she screamed! After we explained who we are, we all had a good laugh, and they told us they're Evangelicals so...we ended up not teaching them. But it was a great moment hahaha.

I love you so much! I love being a missionary, and I love that the Lord is helping me be a more selfless and humble person. Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Romero

8-25-14 A child's prayer

Dear family,

From what I hear from Mom, Dad, and Pete, you are all pretty busy enjoying the last little bit of summer. Winter in El Salvador is basically like summer over there...It's still been raining a lot (and the rain shoes I bought in the market for $3 have been really useful!) and it's hot like always. But I really love the ward (even though the work is always full of so many challenges) and it's such a blessing to help other people change their lives and come closer to God.

Cute story of the week: We went to visit a member family, and asked their teenage daughter to pray. Well their 5 year old nephew was visiting, and he's used to giving the prayer in the sense that he repeats after someone else. So while she was praying, he started repeating everything she was saying!! He was getting about 2 out of every 10 words (" salud") so she slowed down and made her prayer simpler so he could follow along. It ended up being really cute, but I was laughing silently during the prayer.

Cool moment of the week: we stopped by to visit a member Lea, who always attends church and leaves to visit with us but this week didn't show up. Turns out she was sick (and since her calling is in the Primary, didn't want to infect the kiddos). The cool thing is we just started talking to her sister (who isn't a member, and herself admitted that she never felt a desire to learn about the church) and during the conversation, she explained a few of her doubts and then volunteered herself to go to church. We just sat there and listened. I guess that's one of the keys to missionary work, is that people will tell you what they need if you listen. I really hope she keeps this promise...I know that Lea wants so badly to see her whole family together in the Gospel, and it's one of my greatest desires as well. I love this family a ton.

I love having Hermana Herrera as my companion. She is pretty hilarious and a great missionary. I feel like, together, we are being guided by the spirit to the people that are prepared, and to the people that NEED our message. There are so many less active members in this ward that need to feel the Savior's love and the peace of his forgiveness. There are nonmembers who don't know what they don't have. The Gospel is the cure to so many of life's problems (and when it doesn't solve our problems, it gives a peace of mind, an eternal perspective, and the strength to confront them), and we're just helping people to recognize that.

I love you all!
Hermana Romero

PS. Photos from last week's baptism. Jason is a miracle. One day I have to tell you a story about how we found and taught him...and hopefully by then, his sister and mother will have gotten baptized as well. :)

8-18-14 Jason got baptized

Dear everyone!

So we've been teaching the nephew of a member for a few weeks, because she (the member) called us saying he really wanted to get baptized! This weekend, Jason, the nephew got baptized. Between finding clothing, finding a moment when the chapel was available, organizing speakers, getting the approval of the bishop, etc., I was pretty stressed...but miraculously we were able to pull everything together, and he was so happy. Actually I think the biggest miracle was that his brother was the one to baptize him! (My computer isn't letting me attach photos, so I'll send them next week).

We keep working to help other people make this important decision and change in their life. I feel really happy because we're helping people change their lives for the better (leaving behind alcoholism, spending more time with their family, developing a relationship with God). It's hard work, helping people change their nature, but I'm so grateful we have divine help on our side.

With much love,
Hermana Romero

Monday, August 11, 2014

8-11-14 Mangos were falling on a tin roof

My dear family,

Well, even though I didn't get to stay with my dear Hermana Hernandez in Roosvelt, I haven't changed wards (personal record!) and I now am here with the lovely Hermana Herrera, from Peru.

She has a couple more months in the mission than I and is (as we say in El Salvador) super pilas. I really felt like the Lord inspired these transfers, because even though we're not very similar in personality, Hermana Herrera is exactly the companion I've been praying for. I know I'm going to learn so much from her faith and her exactness.

The ward is doing pretty well. I still want to help the members capture the Lord's vision of their potential and how much they have the potential to do to help others come unto Christ. I feel like we lack unity and Christlike love somewhat and there is a bit too much of gossip and bitterness (somewhat typical of the culture here...people tend to hold grudges). In sacrament meeting a few weeks back, one of the members of the ward gave a talk about anger/hatred is like holding burning only hurts the person holding it. I really hope these words can just sink into our hearts and we can apply them. (I continue to learn patience as people progress at their own rate and not the rate I wish they would).

We are supposedly in the rainy season here, but we've been in the middle of a drought, which means any of our investigators or less actives that are farmers (quite a few) have been losing their crops and don't have money to come to church. And possibly not enough to feed their family either. But, as an answer to many prayers, it FINALLY rained this week. And, boy did it rain! (see attached). In one of these grand torments, we were trying to teach a lesson and ended up just shouting (because our investigator has a tin roof and mangos were falling so there was a lot of background noise). We had adventures heading home that night, wading through flooded streets and jumping over puddles because our friend the taxi driver didn't answer.

But I think my biggest takeaway from my time here in San Miguel (aside from the excitement of adventuring through the countryside), is seeing the effects of breaking the commandments more clearly, and wanting to help people overcome the effects of their mistakes. We have been helping several families that have problems with alcohol, and I see now why it is so destructive and why God would advise us to abstain from it.

There are so many people in this area that have desires to change their lives and I am so happy to help them do so. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, as taught in his church, has the guidelines to a happy life. Not without trials, but with an internal peace because we have the promises of God that he will help us carry us through them. We have been given this life to show Him what we are willing to do, and we have been given the right to choose. I love Dad's column of the week, that even though sometimes we feel powerless, this is just our attitude...we always have the ability to choose. And I know that we see more results when we are proactive.

Thanks for your love and support! I want to hear what you're all up more often. :)
Hermana Romero

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8-4-14 I am here to be bold.

Dear Family,

Birthday shoutout to BETH!!! I hope you and Hannah and the whole family can do something excellent this week to celebrate! All my love and a ton of virtual hugs!

This week was super awesome becauuuuuse we had investigators that came to church! An entire family (a couple, their son, and the grandma). We have been teaching them since my first week in Roosevelt, and it's basically a miracle every time we teach them because they have tons of questions, want to learn everything... They had some trials, such as they didn't want to get married, and the mom of the family has classes ONLY Sundays. But this week, they showed up on their own (thanks to August vacations) and loooved it! We were so happy. We also contacted a part-member family that is interested in learning and progressing.

One thing here that marks the culture here is that everyone likes to give us food (hah and my waistline is showing it a little bit)... and although I feel bad when I can tell they're not in a great situation financially, I remember that we represent Jesus Christ, and the way they treat us corresponds with that title. I feel really honored sometimes with the chance to be a missionary.

Scripture of the week...I love 3 Nephi 5:13, "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." I love how clear and bold the scriptures are. This is the Lord's work, and I am here to be bold.

I hope you have all been having personal success, in your studies, in your jobs, in your personal relationships. I hope that you feel the love of God in your lives. Sometimes we feel he has abandoned us or doubt that He exists, but he's only a prayer away. I invite you all to put this to the test this week!

Love you so much,
Hermana Romero

Monday, August 4, 2014

7-28-14 Sometimes it's so hard to be a missionary...

Dear famsauce,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! May your week be filled of celebrations, delicious desserts, and kind words from family and friends.

We had a week of adventures. First, we went to visit some less active members who have to travel TWO HOURS to get to the chapel! We took a bus, walked an hour and crossed a river and a sugar cane field to get to their house. By the time we got there, we understood why they aren't active...four hours traveling every Sunday just to get to church. But they are such sweet people and have such a testimony of the Gospel. (Hermana Hernandez has some photos that I'm going to send next week since time is a little short...I'm only sending you my photos of the BEAUTIFUL scenery we passed to get there). We want to try and form a branch there so that it's a little more convenient and they can enjoy the blessings of coming to church--recharging spiritual batteries, feeling the Spirit, edifying one another, etc.
The river we had to cross
on our way to visit some less active members

Crossing the river!

The sugar cane field we walked through.
The whole trip took TWO HOURS!

We have found a lot of new families (I am so excited because working with families is my dream as a missionary. I know that my family has been so blessed because the missionaries taught my parents, and I want to help other families learn of and live the Gospel) in these past weeks and I am so excited to be working with them. I am so excited to work with them. Hopefully more news next week because we're really just starting with a lot of people. (and continuing, as always to help Karina and Alex...who have recently had some problems with the Word of Wisdom and need our support more than ever).

Sometimes it's so hard to be a missionary because I want to help the people to make changes in their lives, but sometimes they are stubborn or don't do the things that they know will help them. Sometimes I don't see the results I hope to see, but I will not cease to work as hard as I can. I am learning so much about patience, love, and charity. The Atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible that we can be different. It doesn't just cleanse of our sins (although I know that it does that as well) but it enables us to be better, to have more faith, to have strength when we feel like we've given everything. I know that the message of which I testify every day is true, that God has restored his church and his Gospel in the earth, and that it is the guidelines of a loving Heavenly Father to have a happy life and the only way we can have an eternal happiness.

I love you all a ton.

Hermana Romero

PS: If you're wondering about the Almendarez family, well...the wife and children and extended family still haven't come, but Brother Almendarez came! And he stayed for the second hour, which he hadn't done the week before. We're making progress with this family, and I know they're going to continue making changes in their lives.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7-21-14 "What was Jesus like?"

Dear friends and family,

We have some excellent news this week! HUGE breakthrough with the Almendarez family. Who are they, you might be asking? Well they are a less active family of probably 20 people (including friends and extended relatives that they bring to church with them) that we have been working with my entire time here. This past Wednesday, we visited them with a verry direct sister of the ward who got right to the point and asked them why they hadn't been coming, since they've been through the temple and made serious covenants with God. Sister Almendarez really opened up and told us EVERYTHING. We discovered they've been having some pretty substantial family problems.

Fastfoward to Sunday (which is basically like taking the final exam for missionaries). Hermana Hernandez called to invite them to church. Brother Almendarez said that he wasn't going to come, even though he had promised the previous week that he would (which he had never done before!). My companion, who has been working with this family her whole mission, was devastated. "What more can I do for them?" I could only recommend patience, waiting for a moment when, like Enos 1:3-4 that "the words which (this family) had often heard (the missionaries) speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into (their) heart."

Turns out that moment wasn't too far off! About five minutes before Sacrament meeting started, we saw Brother Almendarez walk through the door. I felt so blessed, that the Lord had listened to our prayers, and that we were able to see this great change. I know the Lord can touch our hearts, and that he often does it through other people. I hope to see many more changes in this family and others as I continue to serve here in Roosevelt.

(Small miracle that probably made this all possible: This sister and her husband returned to visit the Almendarez Saturday night! I am so grateful for the members in this ward. They are definitely getting more excited about helping others come unto Christ and I am so happy for the chance to serve with them.)

And, as always, not complete without a funny experience. Hermana Hernandez asked in a lesson, "What was Jesus like?" Answer: "When he was born, he was thiiiis big, and fat, and white and curly haired...and when he was 30 years old, they killed him." I think we were expecting something like, loving, kind, humble, etc. but we just rolled with it.

Have a great week! With much love,
Hermana Romero

PS. I forget to mention this every week, but THANK YOU!!! so much for the package you sent! The nutella and peanut butter and the adorable photos have been greatly enjoyed. I love you guys so much :D

7-7-14 Fatima & her mother got baptized!

Remember Fatima, the young woman I was teaching in America [Ward] with her mom that was really excited to come to church? THEY GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!! I am sooo happy!

Hermana Romero is no longer in that ward, but she was sent the following pictures with the message:

Fatima y su Mama se bautizaron este fin de semana. Fatima esta SUPER feliz. Y quería que ustedes supieron! Las amo mucho. Aquí esta un ejemplo de los frutos de su labor...sigan trabajando con todo!

Fatima is SUPER happy

Fatima and her Mama

7-7-14 Making valeadas - delicious!

Dear family!

Well this week I learned (more or less) how to make valeadas, a famous Honduranean flour tortilla because we visited our bishop and prepared a dinner for him and his family. He served a mission in Honduras, and my companion is from there, so they've been talking about this for weeks! They turned out really delicious!

We had a bit of frustruation/disappointment Sunday when so many of our investigators who had promised to come to church just couldn't make it. We felt we had worked as hard as we could inviting and bearing testimony, so it was definitely a bummer. But we're just gonna keep working as hard as we can.

I'm working on a project for Mom's birthday, so I don't have time to write more this week. Have an excellent time at the family reunion! I love you lots! (but I'm happy for the chance to be for a missionary)

Hermana Romero

7-14-14 "I know that what they've taught is true."

Dear Family,

So happy to hear good news from all--that all has been going well with Kevin's move, that Mom and Dad are safely back home (and getting to rest), and that Pete's been hiking some pretty sweet mountains.

It's been a great week for me too. On Tuesday, we had exchanges with the sister training leaders (I was with my mission mom, Hermana Winters!), in which we set some goals that encourage me to be better in certain things that are hard for me--opening my mouth and talking to everyone, inviting people to baptism, being urgent, etc. I've had some great experiences really trying to complete these goals. In the other letter I sent to Mom and Dad, I mentioned the family of a investigator Leslie, that we started teaching recently. When we went to teach them this Sunday, her younger sister mentioned that she had been reading about baptism in the chapter we had assigned her to read (3 Nephi 11), and we read about the instructions Jesus left to be baptized. We talked about the importance of baptism, and then we invited them to be baptized and they said yes!

Other incredible experience of the week...Friday, we had an AMAZING lesson with a contact, a young mother expecting a baby boy. She almost didn't let us into her house because "in this house we're Catholics" but her mom told her she had to let us in because you can't turn away the word of God. (I love that about this country... so many people have this policy (that all the word of God is welcome in their home) because it makes it really to find people to teach.) About halfway through the lesson, the Spirit just flooded the room, and you could tell that the grandmother was really attent during the whole lesson. We invited them to pray to know if what we taught was true, and invited the grandmother to give the final prayer. She said, in her prayer, "I know that what they've taught is true."

It's moments like these that make all the walking (this area is huge!), and being rejected and having alllll your appointments fall and every other disappointment worth it! I have been so grateful for this week in which I've had the chance to learn to rely on the Lord a little bit more. Thanks to a talk I read in the Liahona and the encouragement of my companion, I was able to overcome some discouragment and improve my personal prayers and my personal relationship with God. In the words of President Eyring "You can be a great model, an average one, or a bad model. You may think it doesn’t matter to you, but it does to the Lord."
May we all try to be a great model by following the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are the light of the world, and we should live such that others are inspired to come unto Christ by us.

Looooooooove your daughter/sister/best friend,
Hermana Romero

6-30-14 On the cusp of some real miracles!

Dear Family,
First of all, I'M STILL IN ROOSEVELT WITH HERMANA HERNANDEZ!!!! We are soooo happy because we get to stay in this ward that is starting to make changes for the better. It still needs a lot of work, but the elders in this ward and us sisters are so willing to work to make these changes happen...We are working to activate and to baptize, and I feel like we are on the cusp of some real miracles!

I would say that working with members is probably the largest success of our week. We met with the bishop a few weeks back to try to animate him for the work, and it seems like it really worked, because this week for the fifth Sunday class (the chance the bishopric has to share a message with the whole congregation), he talked about baptisms, retention, and reactivation! It was an inspiring message, and we've seen, as we fill out our plans for the week, that there are more members willing to go visit with us--presidencies, young adults, mothers, families!

A newly active family with their daughter
who got baptized in May at a ward activity

Speaking of planning, here's a funny moment. This week, in the middle of our weekly planning (while discussing which investigators we were planning to visit and when), I looked at the planner and realized the fourth of July is this week! I got really excited because I had not, until this moment realized that our nation's Independence day was so soon! (But my Latina companion didn't understand the importance of Fourth of July because her Independence day is in September!) Anywyay: Happy Fourth of July!!!

Finally I would like to make a request. We have some excellent investigators that I really believe are prepared to be baptized this month: a young couple, Karina and Alex; a young mother, Leslie; and the young granddaughter of a member, Melissa. They've been recieving missionary lessons and want to be baptized, but I know that Satan always places obstacles in our path whenever we try to make changes in our lives for the better and to follow God. If you have the disposition to pray for any of my investigators, these are the principal people I would love for you ask for.

Thank you for your love, support, prayers, and encouragement! I know that this is the Lord's work, that God lives and loves us dearly and is oh so conscious of our trials. He sends us little tender mercies when we are struggling. He can't always take away our trials from us because we need to grow and learn in this life to become like him. But he can send angels to strengthen us and to carry us through. Sometimes you might wonder if He really exists or if he really cares about you, but I have seen in my life that putting my trust in Him lets me be happy and that if I look for them, He's always sending little things to cheer me up when I get discouraged. I hope you can all see the hand of God in your lives this week

Love love love!
Hermana Romero

Hermana Romero received a package from home via a friend & BHS classmate who was in El Salvadore for a while over the summer. She included the following note:
Guess who I ran into in the temple a few weeks ago? Kelly Baker! Crazy, right?
BUT if you can pass this message on to anyone else that is thinking of visiting me while I'm here...we have some rules as missionaries, and one of them specifies that in order to stay 100% focused on the work, we can't visit with friends and family during the mission. And as we learn in DyC 130:20-21, obedience is the key to blessings.
* * * * *

Hermana Romero sent these two photos for the blog, which she entitled "Baratta style problem solving"
How to get water into from the big bottle to the little bottle?

Well I got tired of always having to use a teeny cup so I made myself
a funnel by puncturing a hole in a styrofoam cup we had!
* * * * *
enjoying the package.

Photo of the best companionship ever - at the temple!


Monday, June 23, 2014

6-23-14 Remember, a missionary is ...

Hey errybody!

We have had a great week in Roosevelt. In spite of having to rest up a lot (turns out I was pretty sick and I've been taking antibiotics...that have helped me feel a lot better!), we had some incredible experiences finding new people this week! This week as I've made an effort to memorize a promise of Preach My Gospel (missionary handbook basically) that our mission president has instructed us to memorize: that the Lord will guide us to prepared people or will guide them to us. I have seen it fulfilled so many times! Instance 1: We went to visit a less active family and the son was leaving (I was a little bummed because he never wants to participate in lessons). Well we started the lesson and about halfway through, the son showed up with his girlfriend! He wanted to introduce us to her. It was an amazing faith-building experience for me. Instance 2: I was feeling pretty exhausted one day and just sat down by the side of the road to eat a small lunch and an ice cream vendor sat down next to us and started talking about how he likes to go out and look at the stars and a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, he basically gave us his own reference. It was super cool.

Our favorite investigator family, Karina and Alex, also came to church this week! It was a really inspiring story to hear of their experience, because they had gotten up at 5:30 (church is at 9 AM) to start getting ready in case of whatever thing that might come up. Their son got sick, and they had to take two different buses and walk quite a bit because the first one had a detour but in spite of all these trials, they didn't let it stop them from coming to church.

Among sad news is that we are finishing another transfer cycle and my beloved mission president finishes his misson! It's been a wonderful 9 months with President and Sister Glazier, but I'm sure that President and Sister Vasquez are going to be wonderful. He's even got a video!

I'm glad to hear all is going well with the Division St estate and that the family is well! I love you all oh so very much. Remember, a missionary is someone who leaves his or her family for 18 to 24 months so that others can be with their families forever. I know that this is the work of God, that the church is true, and that He loves us so much individually. He answers our prayers even our tiny pleas for help. He listens. He cares. He loves me and he loves you.

Have a great week!
Hermana Romero

Saturday, June 21, 2014

6-16-14 A pretty uneventful week

Dear Famsauce,

It's been a pretty uneventful week in missionary work. I'm going to say that this was in part caused by the fact that we went to the temple Tuesday (4 hours of travel to get there, 1 hour being lost, 2 hours in the temple, 1 hour taking photos and buying things in the distribution center, 1 hour eating lunch and 4 hours traveling to return = we only had time for one visit in the evening!) It was a wonderful experience so I'm not complaining...and one of the things I look forward to about being home is being able to go to the temple whenever I want! The other part is because my companion and I both got sick this past weekend so we hadn't been able to proselyte all the normal hours. But we're both feeling better so things are looking up for this week.

But the great news is that our investigator Leslie showed up for the first time at church with her cousin who has been inactive for 8 years! It was really exciting for me because I hadn't really been expecting to see them at church, but when we got there, there they were in the the back of the chapel!

Other great news: I finished the Book of Mormon in English. This is officially the fastest I've ever read it (2 months) and it's not because I was rushing through it but rather because I was dedicating as many of my free moments as I could to reading it. I love this book. I love the Gospel. I think my biggest takeaway from this time around was that as we read about and study Christ, our desire to do his will increases and we can take more full advantage of the miraculous gift of His Atonement.

Remember that I love you all. I pray for you often and I hope that everything is going wonderfully in your lives. And if it isn't, remember that your Heavenly Father loves you. He has a plan for your life and he will not allow you to suffer more than you are able.

Hermana Romero

6-9-14 The big halfway point

Dear family,

Super duper news! We had a lot of success with the service project! We ended up finishing an hour early because more people showed up than expected and we got the local government mobilized at the last minute with two huge garbage trucks. After the service project, we had requested that a sister from the ward bring a lunch for everyone that came to help, but because a few people bugged out early, we ended up with 9 plates extra. Hermana Hernandez and I sat in the kitchen of the chapel with our tub of food, despondent and wondering what we could do, when the elders in our zone began, one by one, offering to buy an extra plate and bring it home with them for dinner. I'm so often inspired by the goodness of others to answer the call of those in need. It reminds me of the pure love that Christ has for us. (I just wanted to share this story with you because I felt so grateful in this moment).

Yesterday we contacted a new family. They were very closed-minded, but we just bore our testimonies and taught the lesson. Afterwards, we were walking to another appointment, and Hermana Hernandez commented that we should pray for them that evening, that the Lord would open their hearts and make them want to pray to know if these things are true. I loved her faith in this moment! Sometimes I just want to give up on people because they don't accept the Gospel right away, but really, it's the Lord who converts them. I am learning daily how much I need to put my trust in him. :)

This week I completed 9 months in the mission... the big halfway point! Up until recently, I have felt a great anxiety that I'm not doing enough to achieve what the Lord wants, because I haven't been seeing the results I expected. But I realized that I'm just in the process of learning (as Hermana Caal said a few months ago, "You learn and learn as a missionary, and when you finally become the perfect missionary, it's time for you to go home.") and that I am trying my hardest. I have been giving it my all these past few weeks to help this area become stronger and to find new people, and there isn't anything more I can do than work and pray.

Thanks to everyone for your love and support! I can feel it from over here :)

Hermana Romero

Monday, June 2, 2014

6-2-14 Some incredible experiences

Hello everyone!

This week has been...a little stressful! We have been working with a less active family to plan a multizone service project in our area for this Saturday and it has been hard moving the papers so that all the details in order. Every day, pretty much, I am praying that the Lord will help me be less stressed out and that I can trust that He will help us sort everything out. There are so many things in life that are out of my control and I want everything to work out perfectly and for all the pieces to line up. But I have learned to focus on what is in my control and trust that everything else will work out for the best.

We've had some incredible experiences sharing the Gospel this week. We had an incredible first lesson with a family a couple weeks back (that we found when we stopped to serve their neighbors...then we went to help them and they invited us in! It was incredible because usually we have to ask people if we can share a message with them, but with this family they requested it of us! During the whole first lesson, the mother kept asking how she could know if our message was true and what was God's church on the earth...exactly what as a missionary, I wanted to hear!) and this Saturday we returned to teach them again. From the beginning of the lesson to the end, it was ANOTHER super powerful lesson! When we asked if they had read the pamphlet we had left with them, they had...and the mother asked us what were the requisites for baptism! They didn't accept a baptismal date because she doesn't want to get married...but I feel confident that she will one day soon. I left from this appointment with a great increase of faith that the Lord is preparing people for us to teach.

We also met with our bishop this Sunday. And, to be honest, our bishop flat out told us he was discouraged with the members in the ward and there were many unwilling to accept callings or complete with them. We gave him a bit of a pep talk and promised that we were willing to do our part to help. And then--and I think this was key--Hermana Hernandez commented about his missionary plaque that he had on his desk. He started to remember his experiences as a missionary and a bishop he had who was very consecrated to his calling. I think this memory will inspire him and remind him of his potential to do good and help his ward progress. We all left feeling the spirit and feeling very enthused. I am so grateful for the chance to be serving in this ward. It has a lot of room for improvement, but leaving the ward stronger than I found it is part of my purpose. I know that, with Hermana Hernanadez and the elders in our ward, we are all going to help motivate the leaders, members, and less actives of this ward.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Remember that God loves you, more than you can imagine. You are his child. He has prepared the way for you to return to him, but He is waiting for you to make the choice to follow this path. I love you and I pray for you often.

Hermana Romero

5-26-14 It's HOT here

Dear famsauce,

I am feeling so loved this week! Thanks for your support, your prayers, and your delightful news. I'm glad to hear that all is going well and that Heavenly Father is looking out for you! Life's always changing here (and yet staying so much the same that it does NOT feel like time is passing)...such as we recently changed our language study to the evening hours to make more effective use of the morning hours. Little things like that require adjusting because one is used to doing things a certain way, but the Lord inspires our leaders. I have learned to appreciate that so much on the mission.

As far as missionary work, I would say probably our coolest experience was teaching a family this week (a mother and daughter) because the daughter was struggling to read a paragraph as part of the lesson and her mom was so sweet and encouraging: "You can do it, baby!" And the next day, the daughter came to church with us and was so excited (and patient when we had to say goodbye to a lot of people before took her home). I love the people I get to know on the mission.

I've been reading in the Book of Mormon and it surprises me how much it applies to my life. I'm reading a part of the book of Alma where it talks about wars, contentions, and wars and was not expecting to find anything about my life or missionary work, but as I read, I recognized in the example of Moroni fortifying the cities he already had (strengthening members and less actives) and building new cities (converting) and strengthening them as well (retention) a model of missionary work. I share this as an example of one way that the Lord speaks to us according to our needs and our faith, through his inspired scriptures. He will answer your prayers...he has answered mine. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be on a mission and strengthen my own personal testimony of the Restored Gospel, and I hope that I can help others to have the same testimony one day.

Funny story of the week. So, like I said, it's HOT here, and one day this week it was pretty much unbearable (my companion uses an umbrella to protect her from the the beginning I was laughing at her, but recently I have been considering bringing my umbrella with me while we proselyte). About midday, a man biked by us with a bucket upside-down on his head. We could not contain our laughter. By the way, I love Hermana Hernandez a LOT. She is one of my favorite companions to date on the mission...we have really spiritual experiences together in lessons (and she has such a strong testimony!) but at the same time, when it's time to laugh, boy oh boy do we make each other laugh!

Hope you all have an excellent week!

Hermana Romero

Sunday, June 1, 2014

5-19-14 Sunny San Miguel!

Dear family,

Guess who's in a new area? Just guess!

I am in the most beautiful part of El Salvador...called San Miguel! It's also famous as the hottest part, but luckily we're starting "winter" here so the weather hasn't been that bad. More than anything, I am loving being out of the city for the first time. I love my new ward, Roosevelt, and there is a lot of work to be done here. AND my new companion, Sister Hernandez, is great! She's from Honduras and we get along sooo well!

This week we've had some incredible experiences looking for new people to teach (the constant struggle of missionary life haha) including a moment when we helped a family clean up their cut grass and they AND their neighbors said we could return to teach them later on. I love this country so much and the people here! It's going to be a really great transfer.

"This is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul unto repentance; and my joy." (Alma 29:9). I have always loved the idea of being an instrument in the hands of God. It is so humble, recognizing that it isn't us that brings the success, it's him. It's also the idea of loving God so much that you want to do His will. These past few weeks, I've been thinking about the importance of our motives...Not only being obedient to the commandments like a list of rules, but loving him enough that it is your desire to do what he asks.

In a zone conference a few weeks ago, President Glazier spoke of the parable of the talents, what motivated each servant. He asked us what kind of servant we want to be: one that is motivated by fear or one that is motivated by love? I know now that I want to serve the Lord with all my might, mind, and strength. I have to work hard, try to do things different and better, but I feel great happiness being a missionary.

Thank you for your love and support and your prayers. It gives me so much strength to remember how many people love me "back home"!
Hermana Romero

Monday, May 19, 2014

5-5-14 The promise of my protection

Hermana Romero sent the following in a personal email to her mother on May 5. We had been telling her in our emails that we pray for her [including her safety] daily.
Today 5/19, she OK'd us to post it on her blog.

I don't know if you and Dad are ever worrying about my safety, but recently, I was reading Mosiah 28 and I thought of you guys. King Mosiah is worried about sending his sons to Lamanite territory to teach the Gospel because of their personal safety (the Lamanites having a fierce hatred and desire to kill all Nephites), but he goes to ask of the Lord. In verse 7, the Lord gives him a promise: "Let them go up, for many shall believe in their words, and they shall have eternal life; and I will deliver thy sons out of the hands of the Lamanites." You have the same promise. I have been called by the Lord to come to this country, and if I am obedient (which I am, ALWAYS), you have the promise of my protection.

Love, your hijita
Hermana Romero

Monday, May 12, 2014

5-12-14 Search for the miracles and the blessings

Mi querida familia!

How can I follow up the Mother's Day skype? It was so lovely to talk
to and hear from every one of you! (As well as to see your lovely
faces...) I hope you all had a wonderful day, especially Mom!

The interesting thing I've noticed is, as I try to think of the
highlights of the week for my weekly emails, no matter how crummy I
felt like the week was, if I search for the miracles and the
blessings, there is ALWAYS something good that came out of it. For
instance perhaps our investigators aren't progressing as much as we'd
like, or they don't come to church, or they won't get baptized, or I'm
not getting along with my companion, or it rained a lot...little
things like that can get you down, but when I think about the
blessings, I remember that Heavenly Father is loving and merciful. And
that tomorrow will be better than today.

One of this week's miracles was our investigator Yanira. She came to
church on Sunday with both of her daughters! (one is a member and the
other is a long-term investigator). They've been reading the
scriptures and praying as a family, and I know that if they keep doing
little daily acts of faith, they will become a stronger family and be
able to make wise decisions (especially the daughters, who are

Another was a lesson we had yesterday with a young man named Robin. He
is a devout Catholic, and when we passed by earlier in the week to
invite him to church, he told us he didn't agree with some of our
doctrine. So we clarified some doctrine, and testified that reading
the Book of Mormon (which he hadn't been doing) and having a testimony
of it is the key to knowing the church is true. If we know that it's
true, the Spirit can testifiy to us that Joseph Smith had the power of
God to translate it, and was consequently a prophet, and consequently
there are modern prophets and revelation, etc. A chain effect

In the end of the lesson, he said, "This week I'm going to San Miguel.
I will only bring the Book of Mormon [and not the Bible] and I'm going
to put it to the definitive test. I'm going to read the whole book.
I'll have an answer for you next Sunday." Wow, I was impressed. It
takes a lot of faith to be willing to change what you have grown up
believing, and we are just praying that he follows through on this

Thank you for all your love and support. May you have an excellent week!
Love, Hermana Romero

PS Forgot to mention one of my favorite things about church this Sunday! Yanira showed up with a little notebook to take notes. And we made little cookies for all the moms in the ward, and they were a big hit!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

5-5-14 A beautiful day

My dear family,

The big news of this week is that we finally were able to find and teach Yanira, a woman who had accepted a baptismal date for April (along with her 12 year old daughter who has been listening to the missionaries for months but has never had permission to be baptized) that fell through. It was a miracle.

Friday, we were pretty discouraged because our numbers had been pretty low all week, and we had spent almost the entire day wandering, rather than teaching. One of those days. But we were heading back home and had time for one lesson more. I told Hermana de la T that we needed to look for Yanira and that we needed to gain the confidence of her mom (who takes care of the children while Yanira is working). And some how, it worked exactly like that! We helped the abuela with some household chores, then Yanira showed up and we taught her and she was very interested in learning more. Anyway, moral of the story is that we were guided as to where to go, and that hope is not lost for this family. I believe they will still get baptized. :)

Yesterday was a beautiful day as well. It was a day in which many people who have almost nothing gave us food. I don't think I hardly ever talk about the poverty I have seen here...people who don't have enough to feed their children, but yet we stop by to visit and help them and they give us mangos. Or people who are having a poor day selling and ask us if we want to buy anything, and we have to tell them no, we don't shop on Sundays, and then they give us free tamales. People here are very generous with what little they have and really live the advice of Mosiah 4:24. They are an example to me of love, of what I imagine the Savior feels for us.

I am time and time again impacted by the words of 2 Nephi 2:7, speaking of Christ. "Behold, he offereth himself a sacrifice for sin..." I don't like to dwell on the suffering of Christ but I do like to remember WHY he suffered all things. The infinite, pure, selfless love he had and has for us is incomparable. There was no other that could offer himself as a sacrifice, and I am exceedingly convinced that there is no other that WOULD. All he asks of us is "a broken heart and a contrite spirit" and that we keep his commandments. The restored Gospel has blessed my life so much- with an understanding of who I am and my purpose-but greatest of all these blessings is my knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Have an excellent week!
Hermana Romero

PS. Hermana D (sister in our ward who cooks us lunch every day) sends her greetings to the whole family! She is one of the dearest friends I have made in the mission. We love her lots.

Monday, April 28, 2014

4-28-14 I am officially a mouse killer!

My dear family,

Soo we have a little mouse that has been leaving little surprises all around our apartment these past few weeks. Today, I was sitting at my desk, nice and tranquil, writing in my journal when I heard a rustling sound not too far away. There was a plastic bag laying on the ground, so I thought, perhaps it's the mouse under the bag. I took my shoe and sort of tapped the bag a little bit to scare it away because I was too terrified to actually kill the mouse.

Five minutes later, the same sound. This time I knew it was the mouse. I don't know what came over me, but I took my shoe and whacked the bag a bunch of times! Then I started freaking out a little bit. "AHH!" I said to my companion. "I think I killed the mouse. What do I do????"

Well, she's even more scared of the mouse than me, so I had to throw it away! But I am officially a mouse killer. I don't even know how I did it! (Photo evidence attached)

In missionary news...well we've been getting members involved in the lessons we're having and they've been having great experiences sharing their testimonies! We still are having trouble helping our investigators progress, but there are several new investigators that have lots of potential so we're just going to keep on working and trying new things.

This week I'm sending photos, so sorry that the letter's short! Send me questions in the next half hour if you have them!

Love you all (and excited for the Mother's day skype)
Hermana Romero

She sent us these five photos:

For General Conference, I straightened my hair.
First picture of the two of us together this transfer.
[With Hermana de la T ]

We made little snowmen with ice from the freezer

A couple weeks ago, we decided to eat healthier. Then Hermana de la T got sick, so we had to stay in the house the whole day. I got so bored that I made fried tortillas! Caption: "Fried tortillas? A great way to kickstart your diet :)"

"Fried tortillas? A great way to kickstart your diet :)"

Me and Hermana de la T in a ciber

Me with Hermana G'z - because I love her