Saturday, June 21, 2014

6-9-14 The big halfway point

Dear family,

Super duper news! We had a lot of success with the service project! We ended up finishing an hour early because more people showed up than expected and we got the local government mobilized at the last minute with two huge garbage trucks. After the service project, we had requested that a sister from the ward bring a lunch for everyone that came to help, but because a few people bugged out early, we ended up with 9 plates extra. Hermana Hernandez and I sat in the kitchen of the chapel with our tub of food, despondent and wondering what we could do, when the elders in our zone began, one by one, offering to buy an extra plate and bring it home with them for dinner. I'm so often inspired by the goodness of others to answer the call of those in need. It reminds me of the pure love that Christ has for us. (I just wanted to share this story with you because I felt so grateful in this moment).

Yesterday we contacted a new family. They were very closed-minded, but we just bore our testimonies and taught the lesson. Afterwards, we were walking to another appointment, and Hermana Hernandez commented that we should pray for them that evening, that the Lord would open their hearts and make them want to pray to know if these things are true. I loved her faith in this moment! Sometimes I just want to give up on people because they don't accept the Gospel right away, but really, it's the Lord who converts them. I am learning daily how much I need to put my trust in him. :)

This week I completed 9 months in the mission... the big halfway point! Up until recently, I have felt a great anxiety that I'm not doing enough to achieve what the Lord wants, because I haven't been seeing the results I expected. But I realized that I'm just in the process of learning (as Hermana Caal said a few months ago, "You learn and learn as a missionary, and when you finally become the perfect missionary, it's time for you to go home.") and that I am trying my hardest. I have been giving it my all these past few weeks to help this area become stronger and to find new people, and there isn't anything more I can do than work and pray.

Thanks to everyone for your love and support! I can feel it from over here :)

Hermana Romero

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