Thursday, September 4, 2014

8-18-14 Jason got baptized

Dear everyone!

So we've been teaching the nephew of a member for a few weeks, because she (the member) called us saying he really wanted to get baptized! This weekend, Jason, the nephew got baptized. Between finding clothing, finding a moment when the chapel was available, organizing speakers, getting the approval of the bishop, etc., I was pretty stressed...but miraculously we were able to pull everything together, and he was so happy. Actually I think the biggest miracle was that his brother was the one to baptize him! (My computer isn't letting me attach photos, so I'll send them next week).

We keep working to help other people make this important decision and change in their life. I feel really happy because we're helping people change their lives for the better (leaving behind alcoholism, spending more time with their family, developing a relationship with God). It's hard work, helping people change their nature, but I'm so grateful we have divine help on our side.

With much love,
Hermana Romero

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