Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7-7-14 Fatima & her mother got baptized!

Remember Fatima, the young woman I was teaching in America [Ward] with her mom that was really excited to come to church? THEY GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!! I am sooo happy!

Hermana Romero is no longer in that ward, but she was sent the following pictures with the message:

Fatima y su Mama se bautizaron este fin de semana. Fatima esta SUPER feliz. Y quería que ustedes supieron! Las amo mucho. Aquí esta un ejemplo de los frutos de su labor...sigan trabajando con todo!

Fatima is SUPER happy

Fatima and her Mama

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  1. I realize now that this connection was never made clear, but Fatima's mom is Yanira,, who I talk about here: and in the next post.