Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7-21-14 "What was Jesus like?"

Dear friends and family,

We have some excellent news this week! HUGE breakthrough with the Almendarez family. Who are they, you might be asking? Well they are a less active family of probably 20 people (including friends and extended relatives that they bring to church with them) that we have been working with my entire time here. This past Wednesday, we visited them with a verry direct sister of the ward who got right to the point and asked them why they hadn't been coming, since they've been through the temple and made serious covenants with God. Sister Almendarez really opened up and told us EVERYTHING. We discovered they've been having some pretty substantial family problems.

Fastfoward to Sunday (which is basically like taking the final exam for missionaries). Hermana Hernandez called to invite them to church. Brother Almendarez said that he wasn't going to come, even though he had promised the previous week that he would (which he had never done before!). My companion, who has been working with this family her whole mission, was devastated. "What more can I do for them?" I could only recommend patience, waiting for a moment when, like Enos 1:3-4 that "the words which (this family) had often heard (the missionaries) speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into (their) heart."

Turns out that moment wasn't too far off! About five minutes before Sacrament meeting started, we saw Brother Almendarez walk through the door. I felt so blessed, that the Lord had listened to our prayers, and that we were able to see this great change. I know the Lord can touch our hearts, and that he often does it through other people. I hope to see many more changes in this family and others as I continue to serve here in Roosevelt.

(Small miracle that probably made this all possible: This sister and her husband returned to visit the Almendarez Saturday night! I am so grateful for the members in this ward. They are definitely getting more excited about helping others come unto Christ and I am so happy for the chance to serve with them.)

And, as always, not complete without a funny experience. Hermana Hernandez asked in a lesson, "What was Jesus like?" Answer: "When he was born, he was thiiiis big, and fat, and white and curly haired...and when he was 30 years old, they killed him." I think we were expecting something like, loving, kind, humble, etc. but we just rolled with it.

Have a great week! With much love,
Hermana Romero

PS. I forget to mention this every week, but THANK YOU!!! so much for the package you sent! The nutella and peanut butter and the adorable photos have been greatly enjoyed. I love you guys so much :D

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