Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10-20-14 Earthquake!

Hey family!

Mom and Dad have probably already informed you but we had a mild earthquake (7.4) here in El Salvador last Monday. I went and stood in a doorframe because that was the only earthquake safety I could remember in the moment (although now I know that you're supposed to leave the house), and nothing was damaged or severely affected.

As far as missionary work, in some ways it was sort of a bummer week (we had a couple days of finding people that weren't super positive, and only one investigator showed up to church!)...but it's been helping me trust in God more, that He'll help us recognize where to go and who to teach and what to say. I've been asking myself every day, what I can do better, and then trying to do that.

And the other good thing is I've been learning to recognize the little blessings and miracles of every day! Yesterday, we were able to find two families that said if they recieve an answer they'll be baptized. Saturday, in spite of having to cancel all our plans last minute and run over to the chapel for a baptism, we were able to teach a ton of lessons. Little things like that testify to me that God cares about me, and that this is his work.

Other blessing of the week has been working more effectively with members. I wrote to my mission president this week about how many wonderful people we've found that want to know the Gospel, and how we two missionaries can't do all the work alone...we've got to work with the members! There's always been some challenges with that in this ward, but in my personal prayers and scripture study, I feel like I've been coming to some conclusions about what specifically we can do. What a great blessing personal revelation is! Sometimes it's hard to believe that God worries about what we worry about and that we're capable of recieving advice from him, but I know that it's possible every day of our lives. And I know that letting God take the wheel (metaphorically speaking) means we'll be able to make better choices that we'd make without him.

Love you all to bits and pieces!
Hermana Romero

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