Sunday, October 5, 2014

9-22-14 Still in Roosevelt! ...with my new companion!

Dear Famsauce!

What a wonderful week as always. I feel like the Lord is helping me change in so many ways that I need to change. I feel happier and more satisfied with my work...and I had a great birthday, thanks to you guys (LOVED the birthday package! I've been repassing the notes from everyone and the photos this whole week), my wonderful new companion Hermana Fuentes, and the wonderful members.

Rundown of the birthday day: we had a missionary meeting, and everyone sang to me afterward. The zone leaders gave me Books of Mormon

and the other elders in my district gave me a machete...

haha just kidding, they only pretended to.

Then we taught a 9 year old boy who is getting baptized next week (his family is less active, and have started coming to church again, and their son is Soo excited to get baptized. He wants to be a missionary and bless the people. Awww so cute!), and his family gave me a cake.

Awww. Hermana Fuentes gave me earrings. Awww. And in the evening, we ordered pizza delivery, my treat. Such a great day!

Pizza and new earrings  - how much better can a birthday get!
Other great news of the week...I got sick and my feet started swelling up. No wait, that's not the good news. The good news is I got a priesthood blessing. I started to feel frustrated because it wasn't working right away, but I realized I needed to have faith in order to be healed. So I said a silent prayer that if it was the Lord's will that I keep walking, that I would accept his will and keep walking, but that if he wanted me to rest, I would go home and rest. Since my companion is new and doesn't know the area, I decided to try to do what I can...and after about an hour of my feet hurting real bad, suddenly the pain went away!

In spite of the pain in my feet, I was grateful to know that Heavenly Father had listened to my prayers and to KNOW for the first time in my life that the Lord really has restored his priesthood power...the same power Jesus had to work miracles. I love to testify of the Restored Gospel and to help people make changes in their lives that allow them to feel the love of God in their lives. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing right now. I hope you all have the chance to feel that your Heavenly Father is pleased with what you're doing.

Hermana Romero

PS If you can please include Brenda's (investigator) daughter Ashley in your prayers. She's been in the hospital for about five days and we haven't heard what's wrong with her and she's only two years old. Thank you for all your love and support. I can feel it from here.

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