Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9-8-14 One year of being a missionary!

Dear Family,

A bit crazy and a lot of fun as always in the mission! This week has been soo rainy! But it always rains right before the end of the day, so we can just go home and change instead of having to keep visiting and while being soaked (we have umbrellas...but not that they do much good). The other great news of the week is that we have a cook! She is an investigator and the sister of a member (suggestion of the member because she thinks it will help us gain more confidence with her).

This week, I celebrated one year of being a missionary! Crazy how time flies, right? I wish I could say I have some cool insight or cool experience, but more than anything I've just been working hard to dedicate this time to finding and teaching and helping people change their lives and come unto Christ. This is my purpose as a missionary, and it hasn't changed in my time here...just my understanding and dedication to completing this purpose have increased.

I love you all and wish you a great week!
Hermana Romero

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