Thursday, September 4, 2014

8-25-14 A child's prayer

Dear family,

From what I hear from Mom, Dad, and Pete, you are all pretty busy enjoying the last little bit of summer. Winter in El Salvador is basically like summer over there...It's still been raining a lot (and the rain shoes I bought in the market for $3 have been really useful!) and it's hot like always. But I really love the ward (even though the work is always full of so many challenges) and it's such a blessing to help other people change their lives and come closer to God.

Cute story of the week: We went to visit a member family, and asked their teenage daughter to pray. Well their 5 year old nephew was visiting, and he's used to giving the prayer in the sense that he repeats after someone else. So while she was praying, he started repeating everything she was saying!! He was getting about 2 out of every 10 words (" salud") so she slowed down and made her prayer simpler so he could follow along. It ended up being really cute, but I was laughing silently during the prayer.

Cool moment of the week: we stopped by to visit a member Lea, who always attends church and leaves to visit with us but this week didn't show up. Turns out she was sick (and since her calling is in the Primary, didn't want to infect the kiddos). The cool thing is we just started talking to her sister (who isn't a member, and herself admitted that she never felt a desire to learn about the church) and during the conversation, she explained a few of her doubts and then volunteered herself to go to church. We just sat there and listened. I guess that's one of the keys to missionary work, is that people will tell you what they need if you listen. I really hope she keeps this promise...I know that Lea wants so badly to see her whole family together in the Gospel, and it's one of my greatest desires as well. I love this family a ton.

I love having Hermana Herrera as my companion. She is pretty hilarious and a great missionary. I feel like, together, we are being guided by the spirit to the people that are prepared, and to the people that NEED our message. There are so many less active members in this ward that need to feel the Savior's love and the peace of his forgiveness. There are nonmembers who don't know what they don't have. The Gospel is the cure to so many of life's problems (and when it doesn't solve our problems, it gives a peace of mind, an eternal perspective, and the strength to confront them), and we're just helping people to recognize that.

I love you all!
Hermana Romero

PS. Photos from last week's baptism. Jason is a miracle. One day I have to tell you a story about how we found and taught him...and hopefully by then, his sister and mother will have gotten baptized as well. :)

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