Sunday, October 5, 2014

9-29-14 Jefferson's Baptism

Dearest family and friends!

It's been another excellent week. We have a couple themes of the mission: looking for people that are prepared and willing to make changes in their lives, and testifying of the temple and how families can be together forever. We've recently started sharing Matthew 16:19 with people in the first lesson (where we teach about the church of Christ in the time of Christ and how it's been restored), and testifying that this is the power to seal families together that has been restored.

We had a super awesome experience with a new investigator just yesterday, where he said that he really wanted to be with his family forever, and we told him he could, through the priesthood power. One of the greatest promises we can make to people. That, and the forgiveness of their sins and mistakes. The Gospel doesn't take away our problems, but it gives us strength during them.

I feel a great happiness in the service of the Lord. We were blessed to see the baptism of Jefferson this week (son of a less active sister that, at the request of the bishop, we've been teaching)

and to visit the temple.

I have had so many experiences with personal revelation this week, looking for answers to personal questions and challenges of my area. I wish I could share all of them with you - How I got my answer, how I felt that God was conscious of every single one of my concerns and challenges! But suffice it to say that I know that God has been listening and answering my prayers. I know that he has given us the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us in the right path.

Have an awesome week! muchismo love,
Hermana Romero

So this little 9 year old just got baptized in our ward, and he and his little cousin and little sister want to be missionaries. Awww. Just wanted to send y'all the cutest photo ever to brighten up your week. :)

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