Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6-30-14 On the cusp of some real miracles!

Dear Family,
First of all, I'M STILL IN ROOSEVELT WITH HERMANA HERNANDEZ!!!! We are soooo happy because we get to stay in this ward that is starting to make changes for the better. It still needs a lot of work, but the elders in this ward and us sisters are so willing to work to make these changes happen...We are working to activate and to baptize, and I feel like we are on the cusp of some real miracles!

I would say that working with members is probably the largest success of our week. We met with the bishop a few weeks back to try to animate him for the work, and it seems like it really worked, because this week for the fifth Sunday class (the chance the bishopric has to share a message with the whole congregation), he talked about baptisms, retention, and reactivation! It was an inspiring message, and we've seen, as we fill out our plans for the week, that there are more members willing to go visit with us--presidencies, young adults, mothers, families!

A newly active family with their daughter
who got baptized in May at a ward activity

Speaking of planning, here's a funny moment. This week, in the middle of our weekly planning (while discussing which investigators we were planning to visit and when), I looked at the planner and realized the fourth of July is this week! I got really excited because I had not, until this moment realized that our nation's Independence day was so soon! (But my Latina companion didn't understand the importance of Fourth of July because her Independence day is in September!) Anywyay: Happy Fourth of July!!!

Finally I would like to make a request. We have some excellent investigators that I really believe are prepared to be baptized this month: a young couple, Karina and Alex; a young mother, Leslie; and the young granddaughter of a member, Melissa. They've been recieving missionary lessons and want to be baptized, but I know that Satan always places obstacles in our path whenever we try to make changes in our lives for the better and to follow God. If you have the disposition to pray for any of my investigators, these are the principal people I would love for you ask for.

Thank you for your love, support, prayers, and encouragement! I know that this is the Lord's work, that God lives and loves us dearly and is oh so conscious of our trials. He sends us little tender mercies when we are struggling. He can't always take away our trials from us because we need to grow and learn in this life to become like him. But he can send angels to strengthen us and to carry us through. Sometimes you might wonder if He really exists or if he really cares about you, but I have seen in my life that putting my trust in Him lets me be happy and that if I look for them, He's always sending little things to cheer me up when I get discouraged. I hope you can all see the hand of God in your lives this week

Love love love!
Hermana Romero

Hermana Romero received a package from home via a friend & BHS classmate who was in El Salvadore for a while over the summer. She included the following note:
Guess who I ran into in the temple a few weeks ago? Kelly Baker! Crazy, right?
BUT if you can pass this message on to anyone else that is thinking of visiting me while I'm here...we have some rules as missionaries, and one of them specifies that in order to stay 100% focused on the work, we can't visit with friends and family during the mission. And as we learn in DyC 130:20-21, obedience is the key to blessings.
* * * * *

Hermana Romero sent these two photos for the blog, which she entitled "Baratta style problem solving"
How to get water into from the big bottle to the little bottle?

Well I got tired of always having to use a teeny cup so I made myself
a funnel by puncturing a hole in a styrofoam cup we had!
* * * * *
enjoying the package.

Photo of the best companionship ever - at the temple!


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