Monday, August 4, 2014

7-28-14 Sometimes it's so hard to be a missionary...

Dear famsauce,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! May your week be filled of celebrations, delicious desserts, and kind words from family and friends.

We had a week of adventures. First, we went to visit some less active members who have to travel TWO HOURS to get to the chapel! We took a bus, walked an hour and crossed a river and a sugar cane field to get to their house. By the time we got there, we understood why they aren't active...four hours traveling every Sunday just to get to church. But they are such sweet people and have such a testimony of the Gospel. (Hermana Hernandez has some photos that I'm going to send next week since time is a little short...I'm only sending you my photos of the BEAUTIFUL scenery we passed to get there). We want to try and form a branch there so that it's a little more convenient and they can enjoy the blessings of coming to church--recharging spiritual batteries, feeling the Spirit, edifying one another, etc.
The river we had to cross
on our way to visit some less active members

Crossing the river!

The sugar cane field we walked through.
The whole trip took TWO HOURS!

We have found a lot of new families (I am so excited because working with families is my dream as a missionary. I know that my family has been so blessed because the missionaries taught my parents, and I want to help other families learn of and live the Gospel) in these past weeks and I am so excited to be working with them. I am so excited to work with them. Hopefully more news next week because we're really just starting with a lot of people. (and continuing, as always to help Karina and Alex...who have recently had some problems with the Word of Wisdom and need our support more than ever).

Sometimes it's so hard to be a missionary because I want to help the people to make changes in their lives, but sometimes they are stubborn or don't do the things that they know will help them. Sometimes I don't see the results I hope to see, but I will not cease to work as hard as I can. I am learning so much about patience, love, and charity. The Atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible that we can be different. It doesn't just cleanse of our sins (although I know that it does that as well) but it enables us to be better, to have more faith, to have strength when we feel like we've given everything. I know that the message of which I testify every day is true, that God has restored his church and his Gospel in the earth, and that it is the guidelines of a loving Heavenly Father to have a happy life and the only way we can have an eternal happiness.

I love you all a ton.

Hermana Romero

PS: If you're wondering about the Almendarez family, well...the wife and children and extended family still haven't come, but Brother Almendarez came! And he stayed for the second hour, which he hadn't done the week before. We're making progress with this family, and I know they're going to continue making changes in their lives.

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