Monday, March 31, 2014

3/31/14 Un cambio excelente

Hola familia!

It has been a great six weeks here in Americas II. Hermana G’i is about to go home (to Massachusetts, no less! I hope you coordinate your days in the temple so that you meet her in these next few months...) and we have no idea about transfers. There's only 7 or 8 sister areas in the mission, so chances are I won't be in a new one! We'll see next week...But I am so grateful for the time I have had here in this companionship. I was thinking about it last night, and I've decided the biggest things I've learned this transfer are: first, charity (from the sincere love my companions have for the people we serve & visit) and second, the power of prayer. We have prayed specifically for several investigators and have seen miracles!

For the which I would like to start with this photo (3282) of our recent convert Eva.  
Eva's Baptism March 2014

We have been praying for weeks that she would be able to have the faith to be baptized (she has been going through some difficult family/economic problems recently) and this past Friday, she was! When we went to visit her the following day, she said, "Last night, for the first time in weeks, I slept peacefully." I admire so much the faith of our investigators and watching them change their lives gives me a renewed testimony that the Gospel blesses and changes our lives so much. People like Eva are an inspiration to me. Being a missionary really is the best.

Our investigator Felipe’s birthday

This other photo is of our investigator Felipe who had his birthday this week. I think I had a photo of all of us together but I'm not sure what happened to it. We got there a little bit late, but he (and his caregiver...since he's a little bit special) were so excited! They had been waiting for a long time but gave up hope that we were going to come, and had already divvied up the cake...but it was so big there was still some left for us! We also talked to his sister in the States via phone and she gushed to us, thanking us for visiting her brother.

I love you all!
Hermana Romero

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