Monday, March 31, 2014

3/24/14 A week of miracles and much reflection.

Dear family,

I'm not going to lie, having an extra half an hour on the computer is throwing me off...I started an email, decided it wasn't what I wanted, threw it out, and now I'm starting again.

In my mission, I have become so much more conscious of miracles and how much the Lord blesses us with our righteous desires when we set our goals high and trust in Him (rather than ourselves). I often used to think that success was something I earned, or that when things went well, it was because of my efforts. Obviously, if I don't believe that I can achieve great things, or work as hard as I can, the Lord can't bless me, but miracles happen according to the Lord's time and his mercy. So I'm just going to keep giving it my everything and appreciating those little daily blessings.

Looking back on this week, I would describe it as a week of miracles. Nothing huge--just little things that just fell into place at the right moment... A member bringing her non-member husband to church, less active members who were ready for church when we stopped by their house Sunday morning, finding people to teach in spite of the huge soccer match that everyone was watching...and I'm sure many other blessings I didn't even notice.

It wasn't as if we were working differently than we usually do. The only difference I noticed was that we set our minds to achieve more, with the faith that the Lord would help us to do so. When evaluating what we had achieved during the week, I was surprised to discover that we had, indeed, improved in almost every single way! I have felt so grateful this past week as everything in this area that I love so much are finally starting to click.

One of my favorite experiences was last night, when the president of Young Women's in the ward called to ask us about the mom of one of our investigators, Fatima (she is 12 years old and has been waiting for months for her mom's permission to get baptized). Apparently the presidency of the Young Women's went to go visit her. Not only did this woman agree for her daughter to be baptized, but she said that she, too, would like to be a member and be able to enter the temple!! The YW President told us, "I almost put the fecha [baptismal date] right then and there, but then I told myself, you don't have the plaque..."

Speaking as a missionary, I would just like to say that members are the best. If they have faith and believe that something can happen, it will happen. That's why I want to work so hard, so that the members of this ward will begin to believe in our area and see the potential there that the Lord does. Always remember Moroni 7:37...God is a God of miracles.

Love you all. Do good things,

Love, Hermana Romero

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