Monday, March 31, 2014

3/10/14 Faith is what you do when you feel discouraged.

Hola mi querida familia!

Sometimes Pdays come so fast...I can't believe Hermana G’i will be ending her mission and going home in three weeks. It feels like I got to Americas yesterday! And it feels like we're really starting to see progress in our area, including the part that everyone said wasn't going to have any success--hah, we chose to have faith!

I'm very happy this week! Well, actually, I've been happy since Tuesday. Before, I was a little bit sad and stressed out...but then we had exchanges with Hermana V (former companion, current sister training leader) and that helped me a lot. I had been feeling like I couldn't do the missionary work and that feeling discouraged meant I didn't have faith, but she helped me understand that faith is what you do when you feel discouraged. Everyone faces negative feelings every once in a while, or feels tired, or limited by their own capacity...but what determines if you have faith is how you respond to them. I committed to praying for the Lord's help and working with all my efforts whenever I felt tired. I have decided that being tired is a decision...or rather, that letting yourself stop working because you feel tired is a choice. I love the talk by Elder Eyring where he talks about how Christ spent his three days between death and resurrection ministering to others in the Spirit world. He never rested or stopped serving, and as a representative of him, I want to be able to do that as well.

On Wednesday, we had a special conference about setting goals and plans. In part because of the part the Assistants to President contributed about having faith to work miracles, and in part because President had asked us to come to the conference with our own personal vision of the mission, I decided I needed to elevate my own vision. As Moroni 7;37 says, God is a God of miracles, and he is only able to work them according to our faith. I decided to get to work and elevate my vision and focus more on helping everyone I come into contact with to progress towards making and keeping the sacred covenant of baptism. I realized I needed to work harder to accomplish the Lord's vision in this area and strengthen this ward.

I have been learning so much since I set my mind more fully to the work. For instance, Thursday as I realized that we could use the how to begin teaching points from Preach My Gospel in street contacts. I have been searching so long for a way to powerfully testify in my contacts, and I really think this was the answer to my prayers. I went out and put it in practice that very day (one of my goals being to apply inspiration immediately and be promptly obedient)...It was an amazing experience! I felt happy, even as some of the people rejected me because I was testifying of Christ. And even better, some of them surprised me by saying yes! It was our best day this transfer for this key indicator, so I know the Lord is blessing us for our increased efforts.

Hermana G’a has been working really hard on finding as well. We talked about this in our companionship exchange with Hermana V, how the both of us have a little fear when it comes to contacting. I am so impressed that she has been doing so well in confronting that fear. I love her a lot. Hermana G’i has beenimparting her wisdom as a well seasoned senior companion and missionary to Hermana G’a and I. I have gained such appreciation for her these past few weeks. Her faith is so strong--unbreakable, it seems to me--and I want to be just like her.

Love you all so much (I just got Mom's Valentine's card...So cute!)
and I'm praying for you.
Hermana Romero
Here's us planning by candle light when our power went out

Here’s me painting a less active's home

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