Monday, March 31, 2014

1/13/14 - Va a creer, they changed my area again!

Hola parents!

We had changes this week, and I said a tearful goodbye to my (third, counting Mom) mom, Hermana W and headed off to Colonial II, stake San Salvador. Mom asked last week if I was close to the office...well now I am! The office is in my zone/my stake, so it's probably about half an hour away.

First off, the area. We are a lot higher up in the mountains, so it's a bit chillier (but still tropical!) and the whole area is pretty hilly. (Monte Cristo and Las Arboledas were both pretty flat). BUT the plus side is I'm getting in shape (since 18 months of pupusas and fried everything probably aren't going to do great things for my
health) and there are incredible views! I feel like I am in the Swiss Alps!

Unfortunately I am in a Ciber this week and my memory converter doesn't work, so I can't send you photos of my companions. Hermana V is from El Salvador (from the really hot part/the part near the volcano that just erupted, San Miguel) and she is amazing! I feel like I am going to learn so much from her testimony and the ease with
which she teaches and gets along with people. Hermana C is from Guatemala, and she is one of the sweetest people I know and she is such a hard worker.

The other day, Hermana V said "This is going to be a great change", and I echo her sentiments. I feel like I'm going to learn a lot from my companions. And the investigators here are great! Everyone is so willing to learn about the Gospel, the members are so supportive, and the leaders work so hard. I feel like I've died and gone to missionary heaven.

Love y'all lots and lots,
Hermana Romero

P.S. "Va a creer" (pronounced bah-cray-air) is a really common expression here, and it means "Are you serious?" Hermana V says it all the time, and it cracks me up.

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