Monday, March 31, 2014

3/3/14 It's been a good week.

Dear Family,

It's been a good week. I love my companions, and we're starting to see some success from all our hard work these past two weeks (finding new people that want to be baptized/read the Book of Mormon/come to church and follow other commandments). I can't think of anything particularly of note this week. It's been pretty funny (especially since my new companions are hilarious) and I am happy to be working hard.

Speaking of my companions, here's a photo of them!

Me and Hernanas G'a & G'I
Hermana G’a is really great at talking to people, and her faith and firmness really impress me. I'm learning a lot from her, and from Hermana G’ she values people and ALWAYS is putting them first, even when she's tired. That's one of my goals for this transfer, to develop this level of charity. I think it starts in your heart, and then proceeds to your actions, so I have been trying to change my thoughts to be more outward-focused. Lately, I have felt that when I look at people with the intention of helping them come unto Christ and seeking their salvation, I am
more able to recognize the people that are prepared and will accept us.
Okay given that I can't think of anything else to say, I'm going to share some spiritual insights I've gleaned from the past week. This morning, I was thinking about how the prophets of the Book of Mormon mention that the promises of the Lord are fulfilled SO OFTEN. It made me think about how often I recognize the blessings of the Lord in my life. How often I can say that a promise of his has been fulfilled in my life.
So I looked through Preach My Gospel to see what some of the promised blessings for obedience to the Lord's commandments are (things such as the guidance of the Lord as a blessing for praying with faith, or greater spiritual sensitivity as we keep the Word of Wisdom), and wondered how many times I think about these in my daily life. I promise these blessings to so many people, but very infrequently think of how I can see these blessings in my own life. So I'm setting a personal goal (and invite you all to do so as well!) to count your blessings and see that the Lord really does fulfill his promises.

Fun fact of note: I am, according to a slightly crazy man who attends one of the wards in my chapel, the future queen of Spain. I'll have to tell you that story when I get home I think :)

Love you all and praying for ya!

Hermana Romero

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