Monday, March 31, 2014

2/17/2014 Thoughts on faith

Hey family,

Wow, this week has been absolutely crazy. We had exchanges with the sister training leaders (our second for the transfer, and you usually only have one), Sister G [[Mission President’s wife]]visited our area to study/teach with us, PRESIDENT G came to visit the following night to visit an activity we have biweekly in our ward to help build fellowships between members and investigators, and we spent half of Thursday in the Peruvian embassy trying to get things straightened out for Hermana V's visa. In spite of all the commotion, we had some really good lessons, and totaling up our key indicators for the week, we found that we met almost all of our goals! And I'm sure this week will be a little bit crazy too...unless (as I have been hoping), we don't have transfers! I love Hermana C and Hermana V, and I love the area. It has been a transfer of miracles.

I have lately been thinking a lot about faith, especially as the attitude we have towards life. We've been seeing a lot of success lately in our area, and much of that is due to the work of missionaries before us, and the mercy of the Lord. Honestly, I can't say that we deserve the amount of people we have found that want to listen to and learn about the Restored Gospel. It is a blessing that we don't deserve. Well actually now that I think about it, we as humans, don't really DESERVE any of the blessings we receive. It is through the grace of Christ that we have the opportunity to repent. It isn't of our own skill or talent that we have this gift. It is only thanks to Him. What matters is if we choose to use it. I was reading this morning a talk that I loved a lot, called "Personal Strength through the Atonement of Jesus Christ" by Elder Richard G. Scott.  Since I'm out of time, I recommend that you read it.
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Dad asked two weeks ago about my daily life. We get up every day at 6:30, exercise, get ready, study personally, as a companionship, and study the language (English for my companions and Spanish for me), and then we go to teach. We generally have about 6-8 lessons every day, between contacting, teaching investigators, and teaching less actives. About 80% of our references are from street contacting. We don't tract in this mission, but I often feel like street contacting is very much like tracting, since almost everyone says yes. Send more questions if you have them!

Sending all my love,

Hermana Romero

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