Monday, March 31, 2014


Hola familia y amigos!

Me and my new companions
It's been another great week. Hermana V and Hermana C are really hard workers and I am learning a lot from their example of diligence. We have been trying this week to talk about baptism in every lesson so that we can have more people committed to baptism and help encourage those who already have baptismal dates feel excited and ready for their baptism. We have been seeing a lot of miracles because of this. It surprises me how many people accept a baptismal invitation in the first lesson, and I have learned that we can trust that, if we teach and invite by the Spirit, we can't leave a negative sentiment behind.

My beautiful new apartment

Another highlight of the week was that we were able to bring a ton of investigators to church! Living in Central America, where practically everyone is willing to listen to missionaries, it isn't that hard to get people to teach. The real challenge is finding people that will keep commitments (read the Book of Mormon, pray about our message, come to church, keep the commandments). It was a blessing to see that several had come of their own accord, that others were ready when we went to pick them up. I am really grateful to be here and to share the gospel. It has helped me learn and grow so much personally and in my testimony of Jesus Christ. I know that he is there for me in every moment, and as D&C 122:8 says, he has descended below all things. He knows how we feel in our lowest of low, and He can help us overcome our own self-doubts and fears as we choose to let faith be the thing that defines us.

Speaking of bringing investigators to church, I'm going to include an experience Hermana C and V had a few weeks ago that they shared with me this week. They were waiting at the bus stop for an investigator, Jonathan who had promised to come to church, and spotted someone they thought was their investigator. This is about how the conversation went:
        Missionaries: (very excited) Ready?
        Man: Yes, to listen to the word of God!
        Missionaries: Let's go then!
        Man: ...To where?
        Missionaries: To church!
        Man: Sorry, but I'm not part of your congregation...
        Missionaries: But we talked to you this morning, on the phone.
        Man: I think you've confused me with someone else...
        Missionaries: But we gave you a pamphlet...
        Man: No...
        Missionaries: (finally realizing their error) What's your name?
        Man: Edwin.
        Missionaries: Oh.... 
I'm not sure if this story is as funny in English or when written out, but please just try to imagine all the enthusiam of a pair of sister missionaries and the confusion of a Salvadorenean man as you read this.

Love you all so much!
Hermana Romero

Me and Mama Ruth (cook from Monte Cristo) with her
crazy dog, Zoey

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