Monday, March 31, 2014

2/3/14 ¿Quien tiene el barrio perfecto?

Hey folks!

So this week, we had one of the counselors of the Area Presidency (who is in charge of the church in Central America) come visit, and, as part of his presentation, he asked us, "¿Quien tiene el barrio perfecto?" ["Who has the perfect ward?"]  Without hesitation, Hermana V, Hermana C, and I raised our hands. Not a single other missionary did. It cracked me up, but I really do honestly feel that it is true. Although, just as in any ward, there are members whose testimonies aren't as strong, the majority are so willing to help us...either by going to visit our investigators with us or offering their house for lessons or by attending activities that we've organized.

Other highlights of the week:

-I got my Christmas package! It was well appreciated by all (but don't worry, I haven't eaten all the Nutella yet!) and I am so grateful for all the time you put into it, Mom. Every single thing was something I need and love, and the socks are PERFECT!

-Elections were this yesterday. It is weird to be on the fringe of a huge cultural event and not participate at all, but we received specific instructions to not talk about politics at all...which makes sense. We are here to share the Gospel, not to do anything else.

-One of our investigators fasted for fast Sunday this past week! So tender. He's for sure going to be baptized on his baptismal date, I can just tell it. He is one of our most dedicated investigators, and I'm pretty sure it's because he has support of one of his good friends, a member of the ward.

I had a new idea for my weekly emails. It's called audiovisual thought of the week. I send you the name of a song (that you look up on youtube) or a mormon message, and share some thoughts. I've lately realized the ability movies or songs of the church have to bring the Spirit.

This week, the song is called This Is the Christ, as sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I was listening to it, and some of the lyrics really impressed me: "How many drops of blood were shed for me" (pondering the sacrifice of Jesus...He suffered for each of us individually. He loves each of us individually and can succor each of us individually. How incredible is that, that the only perfect human who ever walked the Earth humbled himself below all things for me and or you). The other line that impressed me "And with the saints of ages past, I too can testify--this is the Christ" I'm here to do exactly that. To testify of Christ, that his Atonement is perfect and covers everything, and that through him, our potential truly is limitless.

Dad asked about what my daily life is like, and I will write about that next week! I hope. Who knows.... I'm not always the best at managing my time on the computer!

I love you all dearly,
Hermana Romero

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