Monday, March 31, 2014

3/17/14 Learning from the examples of those around me.

Dear family!

So today, we had a fun P-day activity of cooking a dish from our native country...My group made mashed potatoes and gravy, which turned out surprisingly well (given our limited access to American cooking supplies and the fact that we were sharing a kitchen with about 5 other companionships of missionaries!) and I got to enjoy a lot of new dishes.

One of the things I have noticed this week is how much I can learn from the examples of those around me--whether it is from the diligence and love that my companions have for being missionaries and helping others, or whether it is from the faith of an investigator deciding to make hard decisions that allow her to be baptized and provide a better future for her children. When I think of how much I can learn and change in my life, sometimes I marvel to think that I will ever be able to achieve all of it.

I was talking about this with one of the other sisters in my zone this week, and she told me that, as she thinks about it, our desires to improve show a desire to follow Christ and make repentance a part of our daily life. We recognize that we have things that we need to change, and we WANT to be better and more Christlike. The seeds of rebellion and the bitterness of not feeling good enough become rooted out of our heart as we really want to become better. Our very desires change, not just our actions. This is why repentance brings peace. Because we let go of everything that impedes us from being in tune with God's will and His commandments and we are in harmony with His desires.


Hermana Romero

PS. We're writing in a different Ciber this week...Plus side is that it's air-conditioned, down side is that there is a person playing a REALLY loud video game directly behind me!

PPS. Sorry for the short letter! I couldn't think of a funny story to include...but I'll make sure to come prepared next week!

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