Monday, March 31, 2014

1/27/14 What an exciting week!

Hola familia!

What an exciting week! On Tuesday, we had interviews with President G (every three months, he interviews/talks with every missionary...we gave him a chocolate bar as thanks, but I don't feel like we did justice to the magnitude of his service). In mine, we talked about prayer, and he mentioned how one of his daughters calls him often, sometimes just to say hi. It reminded me of how I would call home during college because I wanted help or I wanted to tell you I love you or sometimes simply just because. It helped me understand that Heavenly Father will always answer our calls and he WANTS to hear from us, to hear about our day, to hear about our plans, and to encourage us to do things better.

On Wednesday, we had companionship exchanges with the sister training leaders. The majority of the things I learned apply to my area and missionary work (how to work better with members, the importance of asking for references and having members present in lessons, urgency, diligence, etc.) so I'm not sure how many details you want.

Then, Thursday, the coolest part of this week FOR SURE...Elder Quentin L. Cook, modern apostle came to visit the mission. It was an incredible experience and I loved that he said our most important duty is to help build the faith of everyone we come in contact with, and the prevailing theme that we have the capacity to see miracles here in this country. El Salvador is a beautiful country, and the people are so receptive. We need to work a little harder, perhaps, but I have confidence that as Jacob 5:72 says, the Lord himself will come down and help us if we work with all our forces.

My companion Hermana C is such a champ...She was baptized about three years ago and none of her family is a member of the church, so they don't support her very much or perhaps don't understand how much it means to missionaries to get email. This week she got a line from her family, which was the first time they had written her in three months! Instead of being disappointed, she said, "Woohoo! Maybe in three months they'll write me another line!"

((Mama, don't worry about last week...the thing about being a missionary is as you start getting more involved in the work and serving all the people around you, you stop worrying so much about home. I still love your emails and letters, but I don't rely on them for my happiness and faith like I did in the beginning.))

Oh my dear family, let me know if there is something you would like to hear about. Send me questions! I feel like I have become so involved in missionary world that I can't remember what is interesting to people outside of the mission. Although, I'm sure, being my family, you are interested in hearing whatever I have to say! But I would like to talk about what interests you...I continue loving you very much, and hoping the best for you all.

Love, Hermana Romero

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