Monday, April 21, 2014

4/21/14 que Dios les bendiga

My dear family,

Here I am, once again in a Salvadoranean ciber listening to loud regaton (spelling?). Just so you can picture a little bit of what my life is like. The exciting news of this week is that we have our P day with the missionaries from Ilopango (my old area), so I will be seeing several former companions and friends and playing soccer (my favorite P day activity, tied with writing letters) next week.

I feel like Hermana de la T and I are really starting to hit a groove here: working with and animating the members, finding new and really positive investigators. We are trying to try new things, as we've been realizing that new ideas are the lifeblood of mission work and allow us to receive revelation for our area. This week we have plans to visit neighbors of members and share videos of Christ and fix dates to return and watch them/share more. We're also trying to organize an activity with the less active nephews of our cook for the following week. I am excited beyond words.

We've also found that we are really finding prepared people. For reasons of vacation, few of our investigators were able to make it to church this Sunday, but one did that we had taught the first lesson the day before! We passed by his house at 7:45 and he was ready, waiting in a white shirt and tie. He said after the meeting, "It's true, hermanas. If it's true you know it." I feel confident that he, as well as many of our other investigators has been prepared by the Lord to be baptized in this time, and to make this sacred covenant. We need to keep working hard (with the members, with the investigators, and ALWAYS talking to everyone and inviting everyone to come unto Christ) this week, and I know even more miracles will happen.

We also got the chance to have exchanges with the sister training leaders which was awesome! I love Hermana G and Hermana P a lot (and as we said to each other at the end of the exchange, I hope to one day be companions with one or both of them!) and it was great to learn from their teaching style and their faith. The three of us went to visit an area where the members are a little bit discouraged about missionary work. But when we went to visit an investigator family, they were so receptive. Afterward, the sister told me, "You can explode this colonia!" I love their attitude of faith, of seeing the potential of this area and I, too, believe it has SO much potential.

I had interviews with [Mission] President G this week, and we talked about faith, power, obedience, and extensive thematical study of the scriptures. (He asked me what questions I had, and these are the themes that came up haha). Hermana G also practiced a new and more effective way to present the Book of Mormon--focusing on the fact that it is a testament of Jesus Christ. She then invited us to, as she had done as a youth, make a covenant with Heavenly Father to read it every day of our lives. I gladly did so that very same day.

I know this book is true, and that through it, we can gain the spiritual strength we need to confront, overcome, and arise triumphant from whatever trial we have. Heavenly Father loves us so much and he wants us to succeed in this life. He wants us to be happy and he wants us to be confident. The Book of Mormon is another demonstration of this great love he has for us. If we turn to the Lord in adversity, he will give us guidance and will carry us through. This is the most important and powerful testimony I can give. That Jesus lives, and he is by our side.

I hope you all have excellent weeks. I love you so very much. As we say here in El Salvador, que Dios les bendiga. [May God bless you.]

Hermana Romero

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