Monday, April 28, 2014

4-28-14 I am officially a mouse killer!

My dear family,

Soo we have a little mouse that has been leaving little surprises all around our apartment these past few weeks. Today, I was sitting at my desk, nice and tranquil, writing in my journal when I heard a rustling sound not too far away. There was a plastic bag laying on the ground, so I thought, perhaps it's the mouse under the bag. I took my shoe and sort of tapped the bag a little bit to scare it away because I was too terrified to actually kill the mouse.

Five minutes later, the same sound. This time I knew it was the mouse. I don't know what came over me, but I took my shoe and whacked the bag a bunch of times! Then I started freaking out a little bit. "AHH!" I said to my companion. "I think I killed the mouse. What do I do????"

Well, she's even more scared of the mouse than me, so I had to throw it away! But I am officially a mouse killer. I don't even know how I did it! (Photo evidence attached)

In missionary news...well we've been getting members involved in the lessons we're having and they've been having great experiences sharing their testimonies! We still are having trouble helping our investigators progress, but there are several new investigators that have lots of potential so we're just going to keep on working and trying new things.

This week I'm sending photos, so sorry that the letter's short! Send me questions in the next half hour if you have them!

Love you all (and excited for the Mother's day skype)
Hermana Romero

She sent us these five photos:

For General Conference, I straightened my hair.
First picture of the two of us together this transfer.
[With Hermana de la T ]

We made little snowmen with ice from the freezer

A couple weeks ago, we decided to eat healthier. Then Hermana de la T got sick, so we had to stay in the house the whole day. I got so bored that I made fried tortillas! Caption: "Fried tortillas? A great way to kickstart your diet :)"

"Fried tortillas? A great way to kickstart your diet :)"

Me and Hermana de la T in a ciber

Me with Hermana G'z - because I love her

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