Monday, April 14, 2014

4/14/14 We have been working a lot

Hola mi querida familia,

If I were to sum up this week in a single sentence, I would say that we have been working a lot, to find investigators that are going to progress (in the process of preparing to be baptized, to be lifelong members of the church, and in being disciples of Christ). Many of our investigators have sort of stalled out...they're willing to listen to us, but not to act. If they don't act, the Gospel doesn't have the power to change their lives, and I know that it has so much power to make our lives better.

But we've had some incredible experiences...a new investigator that we got to know last night that told us her two greatest desires in life were that her daughter could return to live with her and that her whole family could attend church together--which church? Any! as long as it was together. In her prayer at the end of the lesson, she called us little angels. I have a lot of faith that this sweet sister will be an excellent member of our ward soon. :)

In other news, as a mission, we have all started from the beginning of the Book of Mormon, with the hopes of finishing it before President and Sister Glazier finish their time serving as mission president. This requires reading 6 pages during personal study and 3 during the day AND reading in our native language. I'm a little sad to lose this constant Spanish study, but on the plus side, reading in English is delightful. 

We're focusing our study on the fact that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ...And focusing on Christ has been helping me realize how much he is necessary in our lives. He is necessary for our salvation, and also for our happiness and strength in our every day lives. I hope that we can all work a little more in our prayers and in our personal study and in the choices we make in every day life to build upon Christ and to follow his perfect example.

Love you all lots!
Happy Easter!
Hermana Romero

PS. I have a bit of extra time so I'm writing about cultural traditions of Central America for Easter. They don't have the Easter bunny (que sad!) BUT they soak just about everything in honey/syrup and serve it as a snack. For instance, mangos, a tropical fruit called jocote, bread...there's a lot of different options and I like them all! Everyone has vacation during the week before Easter, and since Catholicism is so big here, on Sunday, I saw people selling bundles of palm leaves on every corner. Had it not been the Sabbath, I would have been sorely tempted to buy one and tape it into my journal as a memento!

PPS. Sorry about the lack of photos this week! Somehow I always manage to be using the one computer in the ciber that doesn't read USBs.

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