Monday, December 2, 2013


Hey folks,

I don't know how this happened, but it's already the week of my first

cambio (change) here in El Salvador. We are all praying that the three

of us get to stay in Las Arboledas the next change (because that

includes Christmas, as well as the baptisms of some of our favorite

investigators), but I have been praying a lot for the strength to

accept the Lord's will, whatever that may be. Next week, you all get

to find out if anything is changing or if I get the privilege of

staying here for another 6 weeks. Seriously though, it's crazy how

fast time flies on the mission!

Let me first start with the miracle of the week. We had an

investigator who we taught first or second day I was here, and his

cousin was visiting for the day and sat in on the lesson. She (the

cousin) was so positive, and accepted everything so easily, but we

didn't get her exact address so this whole change we have been looking

for her! This past week, we finally found her house and she was home,

and we were able to teach her another lesson. We found out that she

has been reading the pamphlets we left with her and even sharing them

with a coworker who also felt like he was learning so much. I felt

incredible because I had, on the way out of the first lesson, left a

Book of Mormon with her, and she has been reading that too. She said

it answers so many of her questions. It was incredible to see that a

little seed I had sowed a few weeks ago has already had such

incredible fruits. Hopefully I will have more to tell you all about

Paola next week!

This week, I have been reading the Book of Mormon like a fiend. The

rule in this mission is that you can¨t read for your personal benefit

during personal study time, since this is time dedicated to studying

on behalf of investigators. So you have to sneak 5 minutes in during

lunch, or while your companions are getting ready, or while brushing

your teeth, etc. I have a goal to finish by the end of the year, which

is acheivable only if I can read 10 pages a day, which miraculously I

have been achieving! Plus it is helping me so much with learning my

Spanish. I am going to be fluent in no time! My favorite of the week

is Alma 17:2 which talks about how Alma sees that his friends are

still "his brethren in the Lord". This is really my greatest desire in

life--to see the people I love stay firm in the Gospel that I love.

To Mom and Dad, thank you for your emails!!! I am so glad I looked at

them before I sent this letter, because I get to send my love to dear

Abby White! That is, if she is still visiting. She is a sweetie, and

you all are so lucky to spend this time with her. I love hearing about

Joeys Park, and all that is going on.

Much Love,

Hermana Romero

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