Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update on Sending Packages and/or Letters

Hermana Romero/Baratta forwarded this on Thursday Oct 3:

from: Rosemary Baratta
to: Mom , Dad
date: Thu, Oct 3, 2013

Please inform people of the content of the email I just forwarded, and (THIS IS URGENT) please tell people to start sending  Dear Elders [plus any mailed letters - added by mom] to El Salvador because they take about 2 weeks to get here (I just got the September 21st ones yesterday) and I have less than two weeks left in Mexico! (crazy how time flies)

The address we were given for mailing letters to El Salvador is:
Sister Rosemary Julia Baratta
El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
Boulevard del Hipodromo No 537
Colonia San Benito
CP, San Salvador
El Salvador

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
Date: Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 11:00 AM
Subject: El Salvador San Salvador East Mission

Welcome to the El Salvador San Salvador East Mission! Just a word of caution that we would like for you to send on to your parents and loved ones; the postal system here in El Salvador is very unreliable so please tell your parents and loved ones to NOT send packages by private mail systems like UPS, DHL express, Fedex, etc. If they do the packages will be stuck in airport customs and we will not be able to retrieve them. Please tell your loved ones to send packages by US mail as these will arrive directly to our office without any fees or problems. The address to send packages to is:
Elder/Sister (Your name)                     = Sister Rosemary Julia Baratta
Mision El Salvador San Salvador East
PO Box # 3362
San Salvador , El Salvador
Central America
Thank you and we are very excited to have you join us here in El Salvador very soon!
Elder Soza
Secretario de Migración y Viajes
Misión El Salvador San Salvador Este.

Since we haven't gotten any photos this week, here's another from earlier weeks.

Hahah - the Elders trying to sneak into our Hermana picture

This was the day she arrived at the MTC
& was greeted by the Christensens

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